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WOW!!!! I am really impressed with the promptness of this response!  Far superior to other sites with numbers in their name.   Thank you for helping out this Dazed and Confused soul.  Thought I was having some flash backs.


- Tom


Extremely pleased with your organization. It is obviously head and shoulders above anything else in the voice over field...

- David

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Wow, I was with Voice 123 for 2 years and never heard from them. I feel confident that I am in the right place now!

- Sonny 

Hi Robert - I think you guys are the best!  Thank you for getting back to me so quickly - The link didn't work on my Safari but I did get about 20 downloads!!  ( must have clicked so many times)  I guess I didn't realize where is was going... 
Thanks for the support!

- Jeanne 

I like what I am seeing. The quality and stature of the auditions is growing each day.

Thanks Michelle, Donna & Robert!

- Johnny

"I didn't even get a chance to send this email, and you already emailed that you had fixed it.  I still can't believe you're up this late working on stuff...but then, I guess I'M up this late, so I shouldn't be surprised!  LOL. 

You're amazing.  And yes, the site really IS very, very well done.  It looks like you've found all the chinks in the armor of the other sites, and fixed them. 
The thing I like is, unlike V123 for instance, you're not constantly warning me about things like whether I should audition for this or that lead...I feel so much more like a grownup!"  Thanks for everything, Robert.

- Craig

"I became a member of both voice123.com AND what was then called interactive voices.com (now simply voices.com) but lasted for only a year on the former and less than year on the latter when it became evident that, while their respective teams had marketing experience (and little VO experience to speak of), it was NOT the marketing experience required for VO people. Hence, they would require - in addition to talent submitting a recorded proposal and a quote -  a written proposal for the prospective client to read. I can't tell you how MANY auditions I submitted - even fully PRODUCED SOME - and got not a single word in response. The first thing in the REAL world of VO that actors need to know is that what agents (talent or casting) and producers DO NOT WANT is material to read. They are looking for the right voice for their project, and most often have little time to even listen to all the demos they receive, let alone read proposals. As they now charge both the talent AND the clients a yearly fee to be on the sites (the talent fee now up to $299), I don't know how much longer they will last. I got NOTHING for my money, as about 98% of the client names were unrecognizable, and their budget ranges were ALWAYS the lowest ($100 - $250). It soon became apparent they were shopping for price alone."

- Mike

"Thanks for getting back to me Robert. So many times you ask a website question and you never hear back. I really think you guys have done a great job on the VOPlanet website and I can hardly wait for it to reach its full potential."

- Bryan

"I really like VOplanet. I've been on it a lot--uploading more demos... and I find it easier and easier to use.   I know there aren't as many auditions as from the other sites, but the quality of the posts seems to be much better!"

- Julie

I just set things up and I have to say that I really like your website!  It was really easy to set a profile up and I like your audio buttons! 

- Terry

The site is impressive & easy to work with...well done!

- Gerry

Hi Donna,

Let me first say thanks so much for the peek inside your venture here.  I really like what I see so far.  I'm looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with VOPlanet. 

- Greg

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