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In a world where everyone tries so hard to be unique, I am the ultimate voice of reason, mom-like, conventional, definitely the square peg in the square hole but love a good laugh.

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English (North American)
Accents and Dialects
New York, New England, French
Voice Age
Young Adult
Middle Aged
As a customer service manager and corporate training expert in the airline industry I used training modules extensively and taught required technical lessons to all levels of employees. I was also an instructor for all newly hired employees which provided me the ability to understand and interpret technical, corporate training scripts.
As a certified personal fitness trainer, my brain is trained to understand interpret and deliver extended long form narration language now in many industries. Having worked with terminology relating to biology, kinesiology, anatomy and physiology to name a few, I can master most scripts ending in "ology"
As a mom, I understand how to direct ,command ,lead ,coddle, support and motivate.
I edit my work using Audacity.

Special Skills
Other (On-Camera, Informercials, Live Announcers, Spokespersons)
Killer technical medical narration, playing a neurotic or straight mom, a grand mom, a CEO and ethnic nutcase types. I am a really accurate next door neighbor type and I am a BFF to everyone. I am the whisperer to all four-legged friends. I sport a crazy, over-the-top work-a-holic work ethic and will turn anything around for anyone anytime. Huge dog lover

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