VOPlanet.com Voice Buyer and Voice Actor FAQs

Voice Buyer FAQs

Is posting a voice over job on VOPlanet really free?


A: Yes! It is completely free to post voice over jobs on VOPlanet.com. We do not charge any project management fees and we do not take a commission from the voice actor you hire.

How do I post a voice over job?


A: It's easy! Just click Post a Job and fill out the quick form describing your project and the voice over you need. Click submit and your voice over project is instantly sent to the professional voice actors who match your voice over needs.

How do I listen to my voice over auditions?


A: Click on the “My Projects” button on your voice buyer dash. You will see a dashboard listing your posted voice over projects. Click on the blue “Auditions” button and you will see a list of voice over auditions submitted by our professional voice actors. Click on the play button you see in the voice over talent profile box to listen to the audition.

How do I save finalists for my voice over projects?


A: From your auditions page, look for the “Finalist” icon on the audition box of the voice actor you like and give the audition a “thumbs up." This saves the audition to your finalists page.

How do I see the finalists for my project?


A: Go to your My Projects dash and look for the word "Finalist" on the right of the display.

What do I do once I have chosen all of my finalists for my project?


A: Hire a voice actor, of course! You can narrow down your options or contact any of our voice actors a number of ways. You can also download your auditions by clicking on the download button on the voice actor's audition player. You might look at the voice actor's profile page to hear more demos or to learn more about that voice over talent. You may contact voice actors by filling out the "contact talent" form or by clicking on the email icon on the talent's audition player. You may visit the voice actor's website to find out more if you like. Some voice actors list their phone number on their profile page. You can call those voice actors if you have questions or would like to hire them.

How do I search for voice actors?


A: You can access VOPlanet's Voice Over Talent Directory by clicking Search Voice Talent at the top of the page. You can browse an unfiltered list of all of our voice actors. Or you can narrow your search with the Search Talent feature at the top of the directory. 

What does "favorite" mean?


A: Clicking on favorite allows you to bookmark voice actors you like. Go to the voice talent profile page and look for the star icon near their profile picture. Click the star icon to favorite the talent. You can find all of your favorites by clicking on "Favorites" from your dashboard or the link in the header area.

Is it ok to contact voice actors without posting an audition or project?


A: Yes. You can work with our voice team directly. No need to post a voice over job, although it is recommended. Simply click on the talent profile and look for the contact talent form or email icon. Ask questions, invite talent to audition for a job and even hire talent direct.

How are auditions displayed on my dashboard?


A: VOPlanet shows you your newest auditions on top of the stack. Other voice sites give preference to members with platinum memberships, placing auditions from members who pay more on top.

Why can't I pay through VOPlanet?


A: At VOPlanet, you pay voice actors directly. This way you know the voice actor is getting the full fee posted as you intended. Other voice over casting sites take a large chunk of your budget from the voice actors as compensation for doing your invoicing. With VOPlanet you can rest assured that the voice actors are being compensated fairly. This also means you have more buying power since we do not siphon off your voice over budget for ourselves.

I need a free voice over for a small project. Can I post my job on VOPlanet?


A: VOPlanet only accepts paid voice over job postings with a fair rate. 

Is there a minimum budget for voice over jobs on VOPlanet?


A: VOPlanet works to provide voice over job opportunities at fair rates for our voice actors. We reserve the right to remove voice over jobs that do not meet standard rates. 

Can you suggest a rate for my project?


A: We are happy to suggest a trusted rate system. We defer to the GVAA rate guide. This is the accepted standard rate system that is trusted by the voice over industry.

How long does VOPlanet keep project files?

A: Your project and the auditions associated with it will remain in your dashboard for approximately one year.

Does VOPlanet allow AI voice jobs?

A: No. VOPlanet does not allow posting of jobs to be used in the creation of a synthetic voice. We work to protect our voice actors from being exploited by AI voice producers.

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Voice Actor FAQs

How do I become a member of the VOPlanet voice over team?


A: By filling out our voice actor application. We only accept experienced, professional voice actors with professional demos and studios. Application reviews may take up to two business days. There is a fee of $199.00 per year to join VOPlanet. Memberships are based on a year long commitment. There are no early cancellations or refunds. 

Does VOPlanet allow AI voices to create accounts?

A: No. VOPlanet does not allow AI voice producers to become members. We are proud to say that all of our voice actors are indeed human beings.

How many years of experience does VOPlanet require to join?


A: It depends on the skill of the voice actor. If you are an awesome voice talent with only one year of experience and you have references, you may qualify. You might have years of experience and might not qualify to join VOPlanet.

How many voice over auditions can I expect to receive daily if I join?


A: The number of auditions vary depending on your language, the genre of voice over that you voice and several other factors. VOPlanet also vets our job postings to not include small jobs with little or no pay. So, you may not see as many jobs posted per day as other sites. Our jobs tend to pay much more than many jobs on other sites, with many jobs with budgets in the four and even five figure range.

Can I submit an AI voice for auditions?


A: No. VOPlanet voice actors are not permitted to use AI voices for auditions.

Do you have free "sneak peeks" at VOPlanet to help me decide if you are right for me?


A: While only members can see our full site and job postings, we are happy to send you screen shots of our jobs board or other areas of our site. Simply ask at hello@voplanet.com

Does VOPlanet allow voice actors to work off-site with voice buyers?


A: We not only allow it, we encourage it! VOPlanet designed our voice actor profile pages so that your direct contact information is easy for voice buyers to find. You can show your direct email address and link to your website on your profile page if you choose to do so. Our private messaging system sends messages directly to your email address and is just another simple way for voice buyers to contact you quickly and directly. Once you connect with a voice buyer, you work directly without having to message through VOPlanet. We want you to form long term relationships with voice buyers and build your client list.

How much of each fee posted does VOPlanet keep?


A: Not one penny. VOPlanet never gets between you and the voice buyer. You work direct and you get paid directly by the voice buyer. This ensures that you get the full talent fee for each job, unlike other sites that keep 20% or more of the money you earn for your voice work. Voice actors want transparency and fairness. VOPlanet is built on these ideals.

Does VOPlanet allow underbidding?


A: VOPlanet is proudly the first and only US-based voice over casting platform to not allow low bids or underbidding on voice over jobs. Our casting system does not allow voice actors to underbid. We are happy to do our part to help keep voice over rates fair and have eliminated the race to the bottom that you find on most pay-to-play voice over sites. 

What if a job is posted with a fee that is below my rate?


A: VOPlanet also created the first voice over site where you are encouraged to post what you feel is a fair rate for the job. If you would like to bid more than the posted fee, we have a special place on your proposals for doing so. Simply fill in your preferred fee and make a note to the client about why you feel the rate should be higher.

Does VOPlanet set a limit on how many jobs you can audition for?


A: No. You can audition for as many jobs as you like with no penalty. 

Does VOPlanet specialize in a specific genre of voice overs?


A: No. VOPlanet is home to the top professional voice actors in all genres of voice over. VOPlanet is home to audiobook narrators, animation voices, commercial voice talent, eLearning voice talent, corporate narrators, imaging voice talent, video game voice actors and more.

Does VOPlanet have membership levels where some talent pay more to see jobs first?


A: No. VOPlanet believes all of our members deserve to see all jobs posted and have an equal chance at auditioning and booking.

Does VOPlanet's voice actor search list more popular talent first?


A: VOPlanet is all about being fair to our voice over team. When searching voice talent on VOPlanet, results are listed randomly so everyone can be listed at the top of our search results. No unfair ranking systems or paying to be listed on top like other voice casting sites.

What is included with a yearly membership?


A: With our yearly membership you will receive voice over job opportunities emailed to you and a personal profile page to showcase your demos, headshot, direct contact information and bio. VOPlanet was also the first voice over casting site to include a place to upload your video demo! Your profile will be listed in our publicly searchable Voice Talent Directory. You also have access to member benefits which include hundreds of dollars in discounts from the voice over industry's most respected voice over coaches, demo producers, video demos and more.

Does VOPlanet accept professional voice actors in all languages?


A: Yes. We are happy to accept professional voice talent in any language if you meet our standards. We encourage voice actors from around the globe to join us!

Do you offer discounts for languages that do not get as many job opportunites?


A: Absolutely! Just email us at hello@voplanet.com and we will work out a fair fee for you. 

How are auditions displayed to voice buyers?


A: Voice buyers who post jobs have a dashboard for auditions. VOPlanet displays the newest auditions on top of the stack, as our voice buyers have requested. Other voice over sites give preference to members with platinum memberships, placing auditions from members who pay more on top. VOPlanet feels that everyone deserves and equal chance of being heard by voice buyers.

How are featured voice actors chosen?


A: VOPlanet chooses our featured talent randomly, so everyone has a chance to be featured on our pages. The other sites make you pay five or six thousand dollars for a platinum membership before you are allowed on their homepage. 

Why doesn't VOPlanet have an escrow system?


A: At VOPlanet, voice actors get 100% of the fee that is posted for each job. Other sites take 20% or more of the voice over fees as compensation for the site to handle billing for each job. Our members are vetted professional voice actors with established businesses and prefer to work directly with voice buyers. They do their own billing and keep the 20% for themselves. 

When I book a voice over job on VOPlanet, do I invoice the voice buyer directly?


A: Yes. VOPlanet is a work direct voice over casting platform. Voice actors work directly with voice buyers. All transactions and communication regarding voice over jobs are between the voice actor and the voice buyer. VOPlanet takes no fees from voice over jobs.

Can I share posted jobs on social media?

No. Voice over jobs posted on VOPlanet are intended for members only. Sharing voice over job details can compromise the confidentiality of the voice buyer's project, potentially exposing sensitive information to competitors or unauthorized individuals. Keeping job details private helps to safeguard the voice buyer's creative concepts, branding strategies, and proprietary content from being exploited or plagiarized by others. Protecting the anonymity of voice over clients fosters trust and professionalism within the industry, encouraging repeat business and positive referrals.

How much does a VOPlanet membership cost?


A: VOPlanet has one of the lowest membership fees of all voice over casting sites. It is only $199 per year to join our team of professional voice actors, get a voice actor website, get listed in our highly searched voice actor directory and get leads on great voice over jobs. VOPlanet has no membership levels, takes no commissions and does not use a talent rating system, so all of our voice actors get equal access to the great voice over jobs posted on the site. Plus, members get hundreds of dollars in discounts from top voice over coaches and voice over demo producers.

Does my VOPlanet membership automatically renew?


A: Your membership may automatically renew. Your automatic renewal setting can be managed through the PayPal account used to create your membership.

Do you offer refunds?


A: VOPlanet does not offer refunds per our terms. Please do not join if you are not committed to a year long membership.

Should I slate my voiceover auditions?

It is not necessary to slate your auditions. You may slate your auditions if you like or if requested by the voice buyer in the job posting. All auditions are sent to the client casting dash and are automatically labeled with your name and all auditions have a link to your VOPlanet voice actor profile.

How many jobs can I expect to get?

VOPlanet is not involved in choosing which voice actors are hired for jobs. A membership is not a guarantee of work as it is not possible for us to know if you will qualify for whatever jobs are posted during the course of your membership. We are offering job opportunities, a listing in our voice actor directory, a voice actor website and discounts on coaching and voice over resources. We do see many of our members getting hired for great paying voice over jobs.

How can I tell how many days are left in my membership?

A: By logging in to your VOPlanet account and clicking on Profile. The number of days remaining in your membership are at the top of the page. Click Renew if you would like to sign up for another year.

How long will my auditions remain in my account?

A: Your auditions will remain in your account for approximately one year.

Does VOPlanet sell voice actor files for AI voice creation?

A: VOPlanet does not sell any voice files submitted on our site. Not for AI or any other usage outside of our platform.



If you have a question that isn't answered here, just send us an email at hello@voplanet.com and we'll be happy to help.